Are The Rich Getting A Better Deal?

There have been worrying stories in the news recently about how it seems that those who are richer are getting a much better tax deal than everyone on ‘average’ incomes. The Public Accounts Committee even said that HMRC must not look as though it has one rule for the...

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Ways To Cut Your Tax Bill

With just under two weeks to go until you need to have returned your 2015-2016 tax bill to HMRC, this isn’t always the most fun time of the year for many. But it still needs to be done. Take a look at some of these ways to ensure your tax bill is as low as it can be,...

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No More VAT FRS?

The FRS (flat rate scheme) for VAT that was introduced back in 2002 by HMRC was seen at the time as a great way to simplify the VAT system. Admin would be reduced, as would any complications regarding difficult calculations. What actually happened, however, was that...

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Employment Law Updates

Now that 2017 is looming, the government has released some new employment law updates which are due to come into effect in the new year. The first is the statutory rates for 2017. Statutory sick pay is one of the areas that will increase in 2017. At the moment, the...

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Britain Is Officially Business Friendly

Britain is now tenth in the world when it comes to being business friendly in terms of tax. Well done us! The government has been striving to persuade other countries that Britain is a good place to be business, despite the (potentially) looming Brexit, and so this...

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To VAT Or Not To VAT… That Is The Question

Some new businesses choose to register for VAT, and others don’t. Sometimes that can be a matter of choice (until the £83,000 turnover threshold is hit, of course, after which everyone (or rather, most people) will need to be registered. But for some it isn’t...

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