One of the greatest stresses of owning your own business is paying your employees. At Yorkshire Accountancy, we do the hard work for you as your payroll bureau outsourcing solution, leaving you to concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

Payroll can be tricky as it must be on time and mistake-free. At Yorkshire Accountancy, our payroll management specialists take you through all the fine details and help make payroll a breeze for your business.

We provide a payslip for each employee. These will be emailed or mailed to you for distribution, or if you prefer, we can arrange to send each employee his or her payslip directly for a small additional fee.


  • Processing of all basic pay details such as time sheets, salary, overtime and bonuses.
  • P45-P46 starter and leaver processing.
  • Tax & National Insurance calculations.
  • Processing of Statutory Sick pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP).
  • Attachment of earnings orders, pensions and student loans.
  • Calculation of net pay.
  • Full reports to summarise periodic payroll in simple terms.


  • Give you advice on HM Revenue & Customs payments.
  • Deal with all correspondents and queries from all government departments and your employees.
  • Process by BACS your employees pay (additional charges apply).
  • Full RTI submission service.

If you find that dealing with payroll is taking too much time away from your business, or if you’re simply sick of the headache, then Yorkshire Accountancy is the company you need. Our enthusiastic team of vibrant young professionals are payroll experts, meaning you’ll never have to fuss over calculating statutory sick pay or dealing with student loan deductions ever again!

Our efficient payroll bureau service that is ideal for your entire small business payroll needs. Our appealing low fees make Yorkshire Accountancy an ideal option for your company.


  • £2 per payslip
  • Minimum weekly payroll fee is £375 per year
  • Minimum monthly payroll fee is £275 per year

Contact Yorkshire Accountancy today for more information or for your no obligation quote and see your way to a brighter business future.

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