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Black Friday Deals or Black Friday Steals

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As Brits we love a bargain, and Black Friday gets us on the edge of our seats – with the cheapest prices of the year. Apparently. Are Black Friday deals really the best way to save before Christmas or is it a huge marketing scam we’ve been swept up in? Since 2018 many studies have been conducted to test the ‘Black Friday deals’, the results are shocking.
Cheapest or Cheaper?
Many of us wait for Black Friday to grab some crazy deals, presents for Christmas, birthday gifts and maybe even a sneaky treat for ourselves. Then we find out a friend bought the same item cheaper earlier in the year, that pops our bargain bubble!
Consumer Group Which conducted a study based on 83 items from 2018 Black Friday, comparing their prices up to 6 months before and up to 6 months after. The results showed that 79 items out of the 83 were cheaper at other stages in the year, that’s a whopping 95% of supposed ‘deals’.
Use Price Runner to find the best deals on the market, be sure to head to some deal comparison sites and do your research before you spend.
Price Comparison Sites

Camel camel camel
Price checker
Price Spy

Spending Safely
2018 found that 1 in 4 of us were subject to some type of online fraud during Black Friday. Where possible use a https website over a http as they are slightly safer but not 100% safe and of course, don’t sit in a café with a public wifi and do online shopping as hackers are everywhere.
Do your Research
Many retailers stock exactly the same items, some are fakes and very poor quality yet the same price to us. Prepare for Black Friday by spending some time researching your items. Here’s a quick check list before you buy;

Find the item you want to buy on the first website you come across
Now compare prices with 3 of their competitors, include delivery charges these count too
Check their returns policy, remember online rules are slightly different than in store, many sales items in store are non-refundable but online they are, so check out each seller’s policy
Read reviews, look for different reviews from each seller to rule out fakes. Keep an eye out for spelling mistakes, shorthand writing and the same name or even the same review.
Check some of the comparison sites to see if it has been cheaper earlier in the year, find trends to make sure now really is the best time to buy
Ensure the web address bar is showing the padlock and your using a secure wifi network
If you’re happy with the above, then it’s time to start spending!

Take your Pick
We need to take a moment to consider the small family run businesses out there that are competing with these huge retailers. These independent high street businesses most likely have genuine deals on Black Friday and truly deserve this revenue injection – after all spending with them will buy football kits or dance classes for their kids or at times when retails is hard simple help their cash flow.  We’ll be supporting their families and business progression not lining the pockets of the already wealthy CEOs. Hit the high-street this 2019 and hunt down the best deals in your local shops to get a true saving and make a genuine difference to someone’s business and living.

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