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Can I give shares to my children?

You started a company a few years ago and it’s doing well. A friend has suggested you give some shares in it to your young children. You’re thinking of going...

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Job Opportunities – Accountancy jobs in Hull

Looking for an Accountancy Job In Hull??  We are a small, friendly, pro active team.  We work with small businesses and individuals in the UK. Our main offices are in...

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At what point does it get too cold at work and when is it in your legal right to go home?

As wintry weathers have suddenly hit the UK, and temperatures rapidly fall well below zero, how cold can it possibly get in your place of work before it is in...

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Changes to VAT reporting from April 2019 and making tax digital

It is a pandemic agreement that Making Tax Digital for business is the correct approach for the future. From April 2019, a new scheme will be introduced as a part...

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How does GDPR affect small businesses?

How does GDPR affect small businesses? Due to technological advancement over the years, more data is shared worldwide than ever before. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the...

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Black Friday 2017

These offers are valid on Friday 24th November 2017 only. New clients only - choose ONE of the following: - Receive 20% off your first year fee. Receive a lifetime...

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Salaries Paid In Gold Now Under HMRC Scrutiny

For a long time now, salaries that are paid in gold have been a completely legal ‘tax dodge’. However, HMRC has now said that this practice must stop, as it...

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How eBay accountancy can help your business

There are many great reasons for seeking eBay accountancy services from Yorkshire Accountancy. At Yorkshire Accountancy, we provide accountancy services for businesses across the UK and help you manage your...

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Trusted Accountants for Small Businesses

Are you interested in switching accountants? Have you been looking for accountants for small businesses? Maybe you’re a sole trader who is finding the task of looking after your accounts...

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