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When Do I Need a Tax Audit?

Every business needs to keep accurate records, regardless of whether you’re a sole trader or a large corporation. We recently posted about how long you need to keep business receipts […]

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What an Accountant Needs from Their Clients

You’ve done your research and found the right accountant for your business, so what next? If you really want to get good value for money, there are a few things […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Change Accountant

If your accountant is doing just enough to get by, you may not realise you are being short-changed. Check our list below of the top 10 reasons to change your […]

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COVID-19 update and winter economy plan

Written 24 September 2020 C19 BUSINESS UPDATE WINTER ECONOMY PLAN Here are the headlines from the Chancellors statement in Parliament today where a series of measures to help jobs and […]

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What Is SEIS and EIS?

The UK Government operates multiple schemes to encourage new businesses to be innovative. Some of these schemes grant investors tax breaks for investing in companies considered to have a high […]

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A Simple Guide to R&D Tax Credits

Most people find taxation a difficult and complex topic, but some parts of tax laws are more complicated than others. Often one of the most confusing is R&D Tax Credits, […]

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How Long Do I Need to Keep My Business Receipts?

How long do I need to keep business receipts? It is a common question that new sole traders and limited company owners often ask. So, is there an easy answer? […]

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Are UK Taxes Going Up?

Are UK Taxes Going Up? Who’s really paying for Rishi’s dishes? The UK Government has provided a range of financial packages to support businesses, employees and self-employed workers affected by […]

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Are You Creating A Home Office? The Accountant’s Perspective

COVID-19 caused the number of people who work from home to increase. But even as lockdown measures are eased and social distancing rules relax, many workers are remaining in their […]

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5 Benefits of Becoming a Limited Company

If you’re a sole trader in the UK making a profit of £25,000 or more, you could probably reap the Benefits of Becoming a Limited Company. Yes, that does mean […]

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Made Redundant After COVID-19, What Are You Entitled To?

If you have been made redundant because of COVID-19, you might want to know more about your redundancy entitlements and what tax loopholes could save your household money. Redundancy is […]

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Returning From Furlough

Bringing your employees back from furlough is not a straightforward process. As furloughed employees begin to return to work, business owners and managers need to consider both the practical and […]

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