Why Is Offshore Banking Bad?

Considering the news headlines over the past few days, notably the ones concerning the so called ‘Panama Papers’ and the leaked information about which influential figures have money in offshore savings accounts, a lot of people are probably asking that question. The...

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What Is Married Couple’s Allowance?

Married couple’s allowance is something that not everyone is aware of but, if you meet the criteria, you could save up to £835.50 a year (with a minimum saving of £322 each year). In order to be eligible, you must be married or in a civil partnership, you must be...

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The Scottish Bed Tax: Will It Happen?

The Scottish Tourism Alliance is worried, and perhaps with good reason. An idea for a ‘bed tax’ for all visitors who would go to Edinburgh would, experts say, be the death knell for tourism in the area. As lovely as the city is, an extra levy on top of what tourists...

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Are Two Properties Better Than One?

The old saying is pretty adamant about two heads being better than one, but does that idea extend to all aspects of life? Does it, for example, work when we think of properties? Many people believe that property is an excellent investment and, for the most part, it...

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Your Questions Answered

Here at Yorkshire Accountancy we are often asked questions. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients, and answering queries is just one of the ways we can do this. Q: What is the living wage, and do I have to provide it? A: The National Living Wage is...

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What Is PAYE?

PAYE (which stands for Pay As You Earn) is a way of paying your national insurance contributions and income tax without you as an employee having to do anything about it. As an employer, your payroll person or your accountant (if you use a payroll person, and if your...

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Where Does Your Accountant Work?

Where does your accountant set up shop? Well, if you’re with us at Yorkshire Accountancy, you’ll know we’re based in the stunning village of Cottingham, just outside Beverley. It’s quirky and charming, and we love it. And thanks to the Internet, we’ve got a nationwide...

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Come Here, Sugar… We Don’t Want to Tax You!

A little while ago we wrote about a potential ‘sugar tax’ on all things sweet and, specifically, chocolaty. The idea behind implementing such a tax was to try to cut down on the growing (no pun intended) problem of childhood obesity which, as well as making the child...

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