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What is Capital Allowances tax relief?

Capital Allowances tax relief provides a counterbalance to the hidden costs in your commercial property.

Generally, this includes features such as security systems, heating, wiring, air conditioning, and lighting – basically all elements that can’t be moved in a house (unlike chairs or tables).

All UK tax payers who own commercial property may be eligible to claim Capital Allowances tax relief. Several criteria are involved in determining your eligibility and this can get quite messy. This is where our team of experts come in! We can help assess if your property has unused allowances hidden in it. Get in touch with us now.


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So how do you qualify?

  • If you or your company own commercial property
  • Are you are a UK tax payer

If you meet both criteria listed above, it is likely you are eligible for Capital Allowance tax relief. This usually applies to permanent fixtures on the property including heating, security systems, wiring and more. However, the law around this is rather complicated. For example, windows or project management costs are often considered as part of these permanent fixtures.

Capital Allowance Advice

All our information on legislation and case law is up to date. So we can provide you with professional and accurate information on regulations surrounding Capital Allowance tax relief. Furthermore along with many other factors.

The process is risk-free and takes only about thirty minutes for a complete assessment. We will assess your case carefully and should we find you’re not eligible for Capital Allowance tax relief. Then you’re not obliged to pay us anything.

Every Business Has Annual Accounts – How Will Yours Produce Them

Need to see an annual accounts template? No problem! Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through our services and answer your questions. Always openly and up-front.

Annual accounts are incredibly important for your business. So it only makes sense for you to outsource the preparation of them to our amazing team. Avoid the hefty fines associated with annual accounts deadlines and complications. Instead rely on Yorkshire Accountancy skilled professionals to do the hard work for you. Unlike other accountancy firms, we are direct and to the point. We prefer an informal and relaxed approach that puts our clients at ease straightaway.

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