Capitalise Funding Questionnaire

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    1. Company/Business Name:
    1.1 What is the amount required?
    2. What do you want/need the new finance for? Day to day cashflowImport/ExportPurchasing a propertyBusiness expansionTax bill duePurchasing StockEquipment/Asset FinanceAcquiring a businessRefinancing debtStarting a business
    3. Trading as a: Sole TraderLimited CompanyLimited Liability PartnershipStartupPartnership
    4. How long has the business been trading for?
    5. What is the businesses annual turnover?
    5.1 What is the net profit of the business?
    6. Who does the business bank with?
    7. Does the business bank account have an overdraft? YesNo
    7.1 If so, how much?
    8. Do you have any existing finance facilities in place? YesNo
    8.1 If so, what are they?
    9. Do you or your business have any of the following? Missed RepaymentsCCJs Outstanding
    10. What does the business do?
    11. Have you approached your bank or any other banks? YesNo
    11.1 Have you approached your bank or any other banks? OfferApprovedRejected
    12. Do the owners have any security in the UK?
    12.1 What value can be secured?
    13. For how long do you require the loan? 6 months or less12 months24 months3 years4 yearsMore than 5 years
    14. Select your preference for any of the following lending products:
    Secured Term Loan 17. YesNo Unsecured Term Loan YesNo Short or Flexible Facility YesNo Invoice Finance YesNo
    Merchant Cash Advance YesNo Trade Finance YesNo Asset Finance YesNo Property Finance YesNo
    15. Documents we recommend to collect to get an indicative offer from lenders: Latest available (and draft) 1 year unabbreviated filed accounts
    Latest 6 months bank statements
    Latest management accounts/Management information
    Last 4 quarterly VAT returns
    D.O.B and living address with those of at least 51% shareholding* Client contact details: * or those to be providing the PGs if applicable
    16. How should we proceed with your funding enquiry?
    Create a Funding Report Without submitting to lenders get a report built by capitalise
    Start a Funding Search Get terms and pricing by engaging with lenders to get offers
    17. What is your personal credit rating? GoodAveragePoor
    17.1. Do you give your consent to run credit checks? YesNo
    18. Agreement to continue with funding search
    Do you raise invoices? If so are these mainly to individuals, SME, medium sized businesses, large companies?
    Do you have a card machine? If so what is the monthly revenue through it?
    Are you prepared to personally guarantee the borrowing?
    Do I have your permission to share your details with the lenders?
    How many employees do you have?
    What % of your sales is online?
    If you are a homeowner what is your monthly mortgage payment and what is your outstanding mortgage balance?
    19. Additional notes


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