Commercial Mortgage

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We are connected to over 50 major commercial mortgage lenders who can provide you with Commercial Mortgage at the best rates for up to 30 year terms. We also provide both capital and interest repayment schemes or if preferred, ‘easy start’ interest only options.

Commercial mortgage

So do you need help in securing Commercial or Business Mortgage Facility and Buy To Let Mortgage at the most competitive interest rates and terms available? Please contact us today for assistance or send us an email and we will quickly get back to you. We offer free consultation with no obligations on your part.

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To provide the ideal Commercial Mortgage option for your business, we work with you to assess your business, including your ability to repay the mortgage from business profits and/or other sources of income. Generally, we assist with mortgage offers worth up to 75% of the freehold / long leasehold value of the business or property being acquired.

We equally offer a wide range of Buy To Let Mortgage products which are available on both fixed and variable interest rates. Are you currently a tenant in a commercial property and operating your business profitably? We have special prices available and usually a higher loan to value – kindly call us to discuss further.