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Excel Bookkeeping for easy assessment

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Our Excel Bookkeeping spreadsheet came about due to a suggestion from one of our customers who wished to be able to assess and amend their accounts in a fashion that was simple-to-use and easy to interpret. We used our own knowledge of accounting to eliminate successfully what was not needed and provide a service to our customers that was incredibly transparent and easy to work with. If you would like to track income and expenditure at the touch of a button then the Excel Bookkeeping spreadsheet is for you.
The spreadsheet enables you to produce summaries and input information with ease and swiftness. It is suitable for many types of business, from sole traders to limited companies and is so easy to understand that you’re likely to reduce the fees you spend on an accountant in future. There are two types of Cash Book Pro available: A £9.99 basic package gives you a VAT quarter report, a simple income and expenditure report and easy payment and income entry. The full £19.99 package gives you all this plus a full year’s VAT report, bank reconciliation, debtors and creditors control and a month by month profit and loss report.
Don’t be left in the dark
If you’d like to be able to assess your accounts at-a-glance in a manner that it won’t take a great deal of accountancy knowledge to understand then order a Cash Book Pro bookkeeping package today. Excel Bookkeeping ensures you’re never kept in the dark about your finances and is a great investment to make.

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