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At Yorkshire Accountancy we are offer our clients a fee protection tax investigations service.

Traditionally, tax investigations are a stressful time. They are intrusive and perhaps worse for businesses if not for individuals  they are expensive. Finding the documents requested to comply with HMRC and then submitting them can take many hours. Time is precious for small businesses and that all comes out of your  bottom line. And that’s not even the end of it; follow ups, meetings, talking to inspectors. It takes a long time. It costs a lot of money (typically upwards of £2,000).

Tax Investigation Service

And that’s why we’ve launched our new tax investigation service. The service has been created in order to help reduce the cost of an investigation. If your business is selected for an investigation or enquiry. Then Yorkshire Accountancy will defend your business by responding to HMRC for you. Always dealing with any and all correspondence, preparing your case. Then defending your case, organising and negotiating the best possible outcome quickly and effectively.

Investigations can take many months to resolve. So you can see why having an accountant ready to work for you (and with you – on your side). Actually could be a huge cost saving.

HMRC Tax Investigations

But that’s not all. HMRC has recently stated that its main objective for this year is to collect more money from investigations. The target for 2017 is £27 billion, and to do that. This involves almost half of HMRC’s workforce is dedicated to this particular arm of investigation. That’s more officers investigating businesses than ever before.

In order to make investigations smoother, HMRC has invested in an Enterprise Data Hub. (EDH) So that all of the information gathered can be in one place. Rather than the 11 separate warehouses in which data was stored before. It’s no wonder that there are more investigations happening now.

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