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Fee Protection Scheme

By March 21, 2013May 24th, 2021No Comments

Insurance of one variety or another has become an integral part of life whether it is car, home, personal or business insurance. At different points of our lives most of us will have taken out some kind of insurance. The concept of insurances gives assurance and security that if anything goes wrong it will not cost an ‘arm and a leg’ to rectify or that we will not suffer undue loss.

There is no reason why this peace of mind should not be extended to your business life as well. The ICPA in conjunction with Qdos have collaborated to create an affordable fee protection scheme that is suitable to even the smallest client.

The benefits of the new Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance scheme include:

  1. Fee Protection which is specific and unique to ICPA member practices. (Of which Yorkshire Accountancy is one.)
  2. An £80 annual premium includes cover for a wide range of business related risks.
  3. Indemnity insurance worth up to £75,000 in the event of your business being subject to tax investigations.
  4. Cover for jury service.

The main area of cover relates to HMRC enquiry work. The necessary accountancy work involved is covered by the insurance.

The thought and effort put into the creation of the scheme has resulted in a flexible policy that includes elements of fee protection alongside. Cover for unexpected events such as Employment Disputes, Data Protection, Insolvency fees, there is also the possibility of including extra cover for contractual disputes for a small fee.

At Yorkshire Accountancy we believe that the scheme is good value for money and is flexible enough to meet the emerging needs of a modern business.