Yorkshire Accountancy: How Peter Jones got successful

Over the years, Yorkshire Accountancy has helped huge numbers of entrepreneurs develop their small business into bigger concerns which is why I like the story of Peter Jones.
Peter is the very tall businessman who appears on the BBC TV programme ‘Dragons Den’.
As a Yorkshire-based accountant, I love the programme and some of the ideas that are pitched from entrepreneurs and small businesses and I believe that if they had run their idea past their accountant first, I think they would do much better.
That’s because a small business accountant can help with start-up finance, provide accounting and tax services, as well as end of year accounts. A cheap accountant can do wonders for a small business and a firm like mine, Yorkshire Accountancy, could help boost you too.
There’s no doubt to that Peter has relied on the services of experienced accountants over the years to achieve the success that he has.

Lessons to be learned from entrepreneur Peter Jones

Peter has done very well for himself; the Sunday Times Rich list puts his wealth at £475million with interests in mobile phones, media, leisure and television.
He actually started out making computers under his own brand but this firm went bust and he had to return home to his parents, giving up his house and expensive cars.
From there he joined Siemens Nixdorf and a few years later he was sleeping on the office floor when he created his new venture, Phones International Group.
Here at Yorkshire Accountancy we love getting involved with start-up businesses and enjoy speaking with entrepreneurs because we are inspired by Peter’s story: by the end of its second year, Peter Jones’ business was turning over £44 million. It was one of the fastest-growing firms in Europe.

Yorkshire Accountancy and business success tips from Peter Jones

I believe there’s a lot to be learned from Peter’s trip to success and, I believe, his story is inspirational to fellow entrepreneurs looking to create a better future for themselves and their families.
Indeed, he set up the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in 2009 to teach others the abilities they need for business success.
Essentially, Peter learned the hard way that it is vital for a business to keep an eye on its cash flow and profit and loss accounts. By doing so you can see exactly how your business is performing and make any necessary adjustments to ensure success or prevent failure.
If you are looking for a cheap accountants in Yorkshire or for a firm to help with your start-up accounts or even payroll, then contact us at Yorkshire Accountancy for help and advice on how to make your start-up or small business enterprise become a bigger success.
Our aim is to help you achieve more success by building a business on proper foundations.

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