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Every small business needs accountancy services that are appropriate, affordable and supportive. Finding the right level of service can be a challenge, but with the advent of the internet it has become easier to get responsive and affordable accountancy services from professionals irrespective of where they are located.

Whether it is for bookkeeping, year end trading and accounts statements preparation or payroll services, going online to find accountancy services has never been easier.

The tasks are made easier by having simple real time online bookkeeping software systems. This means that all data entry can be achieved when it is convenient for the business, rather then when it is convenient for the accountant.

Nevertheless, not everyone is comfortable with purely online services, so it can be important to get accountancy services that offer telephone or email support too. In addition, the added value offered by some accounting services companies, including such services as regular newsletters and tips on how to improve the business, can be beneficial. It is wise to look for an accountancy firm that does more than just the basics, so look for one that adds value, wants to get to know the business and makes the task of gathering the necessary information as painless, simple and cost effective as possible.

So when choosing an accountancy support team, check testimonials of existing users and ask if it would be ok to chat to a few to get real feedback on how they perform. Any reputable accountancy firm would be happy to oblige by providing references for potential clients.