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Jim Campbell

Accountant, Hull

Introducing Jim, our senior accountant who brought his expertise to our team in 2022. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for numbers, Jim is the maestro behind preparing and reviewing accounts, ensuring everything is accurate and up to scratch. He's quickly become an invaluable part of our team, always ready to lend his expertise and a helping hand.

But when the calculators and spreadsheets are put away, Jim swaps his accountant's hat for a rugby league cap. A die-hard Hull KR supporter, he's as passionate about his team as he is about his work. And when he's not cheering on Hull KR, you'll likely find Jim immersed in the world of gaming, where he's as much a strategist and team player as he is in the office. Jim is the perfect blend of professional prowess and personal passion, making him not just a great accountant, but a great person to have around, too.

Favourite Film

Groundhog Day

Favourite Song

Not Afraid - Eminem

What I do away from Yorkshire Accountancy

I'm a keen gamer, a dog owner, an enthusiastic chess player, a lover of sci-fi literature and TV and a really rather hopeless goalkeeper. I've also recently taken up whittling and the harmonica.

Fascinating facts about me

1) I recently found out I have a condition called 'aphantasia' which is an inability to form mental images. I have no mind's eye whatsoever. 2) I played at Wembley in the 1984 Rugby League Challenge Cup Final under 11 curtain raiser 3) I was once an

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