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Meeting the Challenge in Business. Strategic business planning is vital.

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It is absolutely amazing how quickly the first quarter of the year has flown past. One minute it was Christmas and the next we had arrived at the beginning of May. For most businesses the first quarter of the year was one of fluctuations and changes. Not only have businesses faced an economic storm they have also faced the challenge of making business decisions on the back of speculative thinking.
If we are not careful the whole year will have passed by and we could have very little to show for it. For this reason at Yorkshire Accountancy we believe that there is no time like the present to start charting and planning for the growth of your business.
We not only think in terms of finance but we also think in terms of adding value to businesses. We will not only help you with the financial aspects of your business, we will also give you advice and support to help add leverage and growth to your business.
That is the reason why we will be giving you two free tips plus a bonus tip to help your business meet the challenge of operating in an uncertain climate.
Tip One
Imagine what your business would be like if this knowledge were applied. Would you or would you not have an improved business? The long and the short of the story is – self improvement frequently translates into improvement in the way the business is run or managed.
Tip Two
Whether you are going to plan your marketing, the launch of a new product or simply work out your annual budgets – you are more likely to achieve your targets and achieve success if you plan in advance. Statistics show that planning increases the chance of success by 60%.
Bonus Tip
Building a reputation of being in the ‘know’ or ‘having expert knowledge’ will go a long way towards enhancing your personal reputation and adding credibility to your business.
Finally do not become despondent about the state of the economy and the effect it may have on your business. Getting your business into perspective whilst armed with improved business acumen will go a long way towards overcoming the challenges of the current economic downturn. Remaining positive and upbeat has been a challenge to say the least. However, having a strong mindset during the current recession has become a vital piece of business armoury.

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