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When it comes to accounting platforms for small business’ QuickBooks Online sits as one of the biggest in the world. As well as the main website they have a highly rated mobile app which has been installed by more than 2 million users around the world. Even if you have never used a Quickbooks product there is a good chance you have at least heard of the brand, and working with qualified Quickbooks accountants helps to get the most out of the platform! 

There are several clear reasons why QuickBooks has become such a popular choice. The online version offers a comprehensive and easy to use interface based around the original QuickBooks software. Now as mentioned you can pair an excellent mobile app with QuickBooks Online. Its features are extensive and they are executed brilliantly.

What QuickBooks Offers:

Save time and effort by easily creating products and services in QuickBooks that you can quickly select on further invoices.
Creating estimates for clients is easy with QuickBooks, and if they approve the estimate, can quickly be turned into a normal invoice to be paid and tracked.
Save customer details to easily select them again when creating further invoices, saving you time!
With the Handy QuickBooks accounting smartphone app, you can raise invoices on the go as well as receive invoices from business partners

QuickBooks training without leaving your office

Users would also be pleased to know that all of your banking data can be automatically added to QuickBooks without any additional costs, helping to control your cash flow. 

Another highlight is how easy QuickBooks Online sorts out your VAT Returns. It’s great that it can file your VAT returns for you, directly to HMRC. And don’t worry: Quickbooks Online is Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant. Whats more, QBO provides an audit trail that shows which transactions have been claimed. This saves you the time of having to look back over your box files to find each claim you have made.

You should also know that QuickBooks Online masters CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) with ease. Any of your suppliers that come through would have CIS deducted straight away, creating a monthly CIS return and again allowing direct filling with HMRC. These features help to ensure that your business remains compliant with HMRC at all times.

Any company can benefit from QuickBooks accounting software as it streamlines all aspects of financial management and administration. With QuickBooks accounting software, there’s no need to worry about making double entries because you will be able to find all the information that you need, especially if you have to that deliver the report for the last quarter!

Let us be honest, data entry is a time-consuming side of any business, but by QuickBooks having their product integrated with some of the best OCR document processing companies such as Receipt Bank, Auto Entry and Datamolino, data entry time is cut down significantly, especially when working with QuickBooks accountants such as ourselves to push the platform even further!

QuickBooks Online

If you have not already, why not take a plunge and give QuickBooks Online a go. Remember, you can make the whole process even easier thanks to our dedicated skilled team that will have you up and running in no time, and with no stress. 

Our existing clients love how quick and easy it is to get working with QuickBooks to manage the day to day happenings within their business, while we manage the more complicated facets of QuickBooks Accounting, with options to take over more of the accounts and bookkeeping if you do not have the time to manage this all in-house.

Streamlining your accounts

If you are looking to streamline your accounts further then QuickBooks Online is a superb choice. You’ll soon be pleased with how well the task in hand is streamlined by using QBO, noticing the time, effort and money that can be saved. 

If you’re thinking about moving from a desktop version to QuickBooks Online or you think your business needs to move to cloud accounting and you’re not sure which package would be the very best fit for you then get in touch and we can help you decide your next move.

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