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When it comes to accounting, you must be using the best software you can get your hands on, if you are to help increase organisation and productivity for the task that is in hand.

This is why we want to bring Receipt Bank to your attention. If you are in accounting, or you are looking for a great piece of software to complete your books with, Receipt Bank comes highly recommended, and in this article you will find out why.

This is why we want to bring Receipt Bank to your attention. If you are in accounting, or you are looking for a great piece of software to complete your books with, Receipt Bank comes highly recommended, and in this article you will find out why.

  • Receipt Bank automatically converts all of your invoices and receipts into data.
  • It is really easy to submit your receipts, you have an extensive choice of methods for submission that includes email, post, Dropbox, the Receipt Bank App and many more.
  • You can cut down time spent dealing with paperwork, thus freeing you up for other key areas of business.
  • This app sends real time information into your accounting package, therefore providing you with live insights, which you can then use to more quickly action important business decisions.
  • This app will help make sure you are reclaiming every out of pocket expense and if you are VAT registered not miss any VAT expenditure reclaims.
  • You also save yourself valuable office space as there will be no need to retain physical documents, instead they will all be stored on the cloud, where they will be fully and easily searchable.

Receipt Bank has won multiple awards and this is not surprising considering how well this app can be implemented into your business finances, helping to significantly improve the organisation and management of the process. The beauty of this app is that it automatically converts all of your invoices and receipts into data, in a simple, stress free way, that requires little work from the users end.

Receipt Bank has a high level of customer satisfaction with many customers implementing it as part of their everyday financial recordings. Once they have discovered how much easier it makes their bookkeeping tasks, it becomes a bit of a no-brainer to continue using the product. Think about how much time and energy, both of which would be better spent elsewhere in your business, is spent sorting your receipts, making sure they are all present, putting them into date order, logging them and filling them all away. Then if any issues arise having to bring them all out and working through that long process all over again. Not ideal, right?

Surely it makes more sense to have a system in place whereby when you obtain a receipt, you take out your phone, load up your Receipt Bank app, take a photo of the receipt and send it to the app. That receipt then gets read with all relevant data extracted and coded ready to be sent over to your bookkeeping software. The receipt is kept safe and secure over the cloud, should you need to ever reference it again. And that whole process takes a matter of seconds!

We have been focusing on receipts but you can also use Receipt Bank to make life easier with invoices, too. When you sign up you are given an email address. Use this to either forward invoices to, or give your business partners the email directly and they can automatically send any invoices to that email. The app will work its magic once again, so that when any invoice is sent through, it will become a bill, ready to send to your chosen bookkeeping software.

Overall then, we strongly urge you to consider Receipt Bank when it comes to your business finances. It is hard to argue over the time this app will save you, not to mention helping to make sure everything is recorded and stored correctly and safely. Don’t forget, here at Yorkshire Accountancy, our highly skilled team will be on hand to help you get the best out of Receipt Bank and support your small business even further with our high quality, affordable service.

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