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Social Networking at Office ! Not a Good Idea !

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The growing popularity of Twitter is serving as an addiction among people as around 95 millions tweets are posted on Twitter every day. The nature of the posts varies including several useful or worst secrets about people and businesses. However, during office hours, people using this platform might end up in posting several important secrets about the company that might harm its goodwill or customer base resulting into loss. Tweeting a piece of information on Twitter once can spill company’s secrets and information on public domain which is impossible to protect from their accessibility. Such impractical and futile practices might have worse effect on company’s image.
Thus, employers are compelled to tighten up their policy and become strict against such vain activities in the organization.  As a result, almost 50% of employers have banned their staff from using Twitter during working hours. However, this is just not enough. Employees should be
strict enough to maintain discipline and decorum in the company to enjoy a nice position in the market. For this, you email and internet policy should prohibit your staff from knowing several aspects of the company. It includes what your direct or indirect business is, about the people working for your company along with your customers and business clients.
A disciplinary action must be introduced on behalf of the employer if any derogatory comment about the business is posted by employee on any of the social networking sites. Employers can also justify employer’s dismissal on the basis of such misconduct and can maintain a privacy, transparency and harmony in their organization.

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