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saving time and retaining privacy is vital

This is the reason why we want to bring up the importance of using Streem Connect. This easy to use tool makes it easier than ever to share bank statements without having to send anything directly. By offering a read-only option for your bank statements, you know that you can easily provide all the information that we need to prepare your accounts. All without signing in, creating an account, or juggling numerous usernames and passwords.

This tool can make it much easier for you to provide crucial proof and information over to our accountancy team. Streem Connect comes as a highly regarded piece of software, and this guide will break down why that is.

What Streem Offers:

Why Streem Connect?

When preparing your accounts, one of the most challenging parts of the process can be preparing financial documents. Proving what has and has not come out of your account can be a time-consuming experience. By using Streem Connect, though, you reduce the time investment needed to get corroborating information and financial statements.

Benefit from:

Without having to set up any accounts or manage anything else, you simply need to follow the Streem Connect link we provide. You can then easily and quickly upload all the relevant information that we have asked for. You can make this automated, too, so that you are not running around wasting valuable hours trying to find statements come the end of the financial year.

A proven solution for automated statement submission

Streem Connect has gained a lot of positive feedback for how easy it makes sharing essential financial information. Now, you can easily send and share bank statements without having to do any work. Instead of having to export, attach, and send a bank statement to us, you simply sign-in to your online banking platform. Then, using a Streem Connect link that we provide, you can quickly provide statements in a fraction of the time and the effort it might have taken in the past.

Remember, if you need any help or support with your accounts at all then reach out to our team at Yorkshire Accountancy. We will be more than happy to help you arrange everything you need and to ensure you can use Streem Connect to the best of its potential.

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