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Getting your accounts right for your business is very important, and for self-employed businessman it’s vital that you get this right if you want to avoid any problems with the tax authorities. Wave Accounting launched in November 2010 and in that short period of time they have grown massively, offering one of the friendliest and most professional free accounting services online.

Using a cloud based software, this is the perfect tool for small businesses who need a little bit of help. Accurate accountancy has never been so easy – and it’s never been so cheap, either! In fact, accounting with Wave is completely free.

Designed by the ambitious and exciting Kirk Simpson and James Lochrie, Wave Accounting is the ideal solution to everybody who wants to save time and money. Both founders are still active parts of the day-to-day running of the firm, and the rapid growth and success of the system shows that good accounting can be possible without huge expense.

With over one and a half million users across the globe, Wave won the 2011 People’s Choice awards at the Canadian Innovation Exchange, as well as the Small Business Influencer award a year later. The app and system itself is still growing and expanded today – the software is forever changing and improving, with new features added in the last year including bank reconciliation and photographic imports of receipts and other important tax data.

Getting all of the information right and making it easy is the whole idea of this system – other free systems (and many paid experts!) cannot provide the level of accuracy, speed of application and quality of design that Wave provides. Small businesses need to make sure everything is completely perfect for the tax year just passed and without the input of an accountant it can be quite tough to get this right.

Thankfully, Wave offers the no-cost equivalent with a service that is quick, easy and with a huge amount of support available. With a staff of over seventy running support, improvements and optimization all the time, Wave Accounting provides you with all of the information, advice and expertise you need to get the books ready and in time for the end of the tax year.

With more developer tools being added as time goes on and a growing list of features and additions, it’s very easy to see the reason why Wave is making huge noises and is becoming the go-to choice for small businesses all across the world to get their books done right and get them done quickly!

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