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Why remote and home working works for small business

Here at Yorkshire Accountancy we are happy to give business help and advice to clients and would-be clients alike and one issue we’ve found is that increasingly our clients are working from somewhere other than an office.
We all know that telecommuting is growing in popularity but now a survey has found that remote working is growing in popularity among small businesses.
Among the stats for how flexible working patterns benefit the worker and the business is one for how much time people take time out to do their accounts.

Small business accounts and bookkeeping services

The survey found that half of employees now spend at least some time once a week out of the office – with around 25% of people working away from the office every day.
In that time they are undertaking a series of tasks which need concentration and focus time.
The survey was conducted by accounts software firm Sage and a spokesman said: “Mobile working, because of mobile devices and sophisticated software solutions, has broken down the barriers to business and the traditional confines of an office are a thing of the past and people can choose where they want to run their business.”
However, 50% of people who responded to the survey said they took time out to work on their business finances.
People! There’s an easier way!
You should be using the services of Yorkshire Accountancy for accounting services and bookkeeping services.
We love numbers and offer an efficient service – no matter where you are in the UK.

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By using an accountant to complete your finances and books, you will be able to spend more time focused on your business and making more money.
It’s a win-win situation!
Don’t be one of the 15% who work while on their commute and certainly not one of the 5% who have finished work while sat on a beach or did so up a mountain!
Contact us now for a cheap accounts service you won’t regret using – and we also have clients who just use our cheap bookkeeping services too.
Use Yorkshire accountancy and make your time more efficient and profitable in the office where you can make your business a bigger success.

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